Dodge Car Price, Specifications, Pros and Cons

Dodge is an American car that produces SUVs, MPVs, and pickups. Dodge cars are marketed by Chrysler Group, LLC in 60 countries around the world, including Indonesia.

Although the name is still quite foreign to the ears of some Indonesians, in fact this car has its own enthusiasts in the country.

The following is a complete discussion about Dodge cars from the history, specifications, and prices, especially the price of the Dodge Journey.

Dodge Journey car price

Price is one of the benchmarks for someone in buying a car vehicle. Of course, quality also determines the price offered.

The 2020 Dodge Journey SE Value has a Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price (MSRP) that starts at $23,495, plus a destination charge of $1,495. The 2020 Journey Crossroad model starts at $28,595, plus the same destination fee of $1,495.

About Dodge cars

Originally, Dodge was founded by the Dodge brothers and had the company name Dodge Brothers Company in 1900. The company supplied parts to the automotive industry.

However, in 1914, Dodge started to fully manufacture its own cars and the brand was sold to Chrysler in 1928.

From 1960 to 1976, Dodge marketed its product, the Dodge Dart. Later, this type of car was remarketed in 2013.

In addition, there are also Dodge cars that became pioneers because they were successfully marketed in three periods, namely 1964-1978, 1983-1987, and 2005-present.

One of the legendary cars from Dodge is the Dodge Challenger which was marketed from 1970 to 1974. Then, the car was marketed again in 1978 to 1983, and 2008 until now.

Dodge continuously produces its cars and is marketed in several countries. One of the Dodge cars that received attention in Indonesia is the Dodge Journey model, marketed in 2008 until now.

Pros and cons of the Dodge Journey car

With a Dodge price of almost Rp800 million, what are the advantages? The advantages and disadvantages of the Dodge Journey are as follows.


  • Has a charming and tough exterior design typical of American cars.
  • The Blacktop Headlamp Bezels headlamp design on the front makes this car seem macho and unique.
  • It has a spacious and spacious cabin.
  • It is equipped with 6 speakers with very good audio quality.
  • Has a heater for cold driving.
  • Powerful engine performance with a capacity of 3.6 liters with V6 technology.
  • There is under-floor storage (can be used as a cooler box).


  • The trunk size is not very large.
  • There is no foot rest or footrest so it is less comfortable.
  • Windscreen noise or glass wiping is quite annoying.
  • Suspension problems may cause users to be less comfortable when driving on uneven roads.

Dodge is one of the American car manufacturers present in Indonesia. But now, the latest model that still exists in Indonesia is the Dodge Journey.





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